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How can B&W speakers be made to sound so transparent, so natural - in effect, to "disappear",leaving only the actual music to be enjoyed? B&W research and development foundthat certain cabinet designs, driver design and materials were essential to create transparent speakers. They engineered internal cabinet brace and sound flow configurations, coupled with driver materials like Kevlar and carbon Fiber, for unrivalled clarity.

Bowers & Wilkins 600 Series 2b&w 600 seiies 2 speakers

The 600 Series is a bit of a star. Every edition since it first appeared has swept up rave reviews and product of the year awards, and trumped expectations of performance and design from speakers in the affordable price range. This, the fourth generation of the 600 Series, features improved drive units, minimalist crossovers and a whole new design.

bowers and wilkins 683 s2 Bowers & Wilkins 683 Series 2

The largest speaker in the new 600 Series delivers outstanding power, accuracy and musicality. The floorstander features the new Decoupled Double Dome tweeter, an FST midrange driver and new Dual Layer aluminium bass drivers. The result is a loudspeaker ideal for both high-performance stereo and surround sound applications even in larger rooms, delivering serious performance and amazing value.

In the ever pursuit of musical excellence, the people of Bowers and Wilkins have taken a wildly successful lineup of loudspeakers to present every music lover an even more enjoyable musical experience.

Introducing the new 683 Series 2!
When we first unpacked these loudspeakers one of the first things we noticed right away was the fact that they were a bit slimmer than their previous version and also we were very impressed with the quality of the new satin black finish, and the overall styling on these loudspeakers that will enhance your décor.

Upon further inspection we wanted to see what they have changed with the new series when we removed the loudspeakers front grill. And the first item that really jumped out at us was the new double-dome tweeter that is also found in their new CM-10 loudspeaker. This unique design combines a thin aluminum dome for lightness and surrounded with a thicker aluminum ring at the base of the Dome for rigidity. This reduces distortion and the results are high frequencies that are absolutely stunning in its clarity with a total purity that will make you stand up and take notice. There is also a new protective and seductive looking screen that completes the new appearance of the tweeter.

bw 683s2 tweeter

After conneting them up; first listening to the new 683’s Series 2 right away we noticed that the highs were more extended with more a sense of “air” around the instruments without a hint of any harshness whatsoever. When we played Tony Benet’s “I get along with you very well”, the piano sounded like it was right there in the room with us. When the very last notes the piano player plays on the opening, you can hear the vast and long decay and actually sense how large the room the track was recorded in!

Their time proven FST Kevlar midrange is also present here with the new 683Bw 683 tweter and mid that were first developed with their 800 Series loudspeakers to deliver all of the glorious magic of the midrange. When you listen to the 683 S2, you will experience an openness and clarity that no other loudspeaker anywhere in this price range can remotely match.

Not to be undone, the woofers have been redesigned also, the 683 S2 features an all new woofer design with a dual-layer aluminum cone for better damping and control of the bass. The sound of these new woofers is superb, with a richer bass, and much better control, and superior dynamics. Regardless if your preferences are classical with deep extension, and accuracy, or the power and attack of the bass pedals on a rock drummers drum kit, the bass response from the 683 S2 delivers the goods.

Steely Dan’s “Cousin Dupree” from the Grammy Award winning “Two Against Nature” disc is one of our favorites here at the store. And after listening it thru the 683 S2 loudspeakers it reconfirms how fun it is to listen to it. Steely Dan has always been studio wizards and perfectionists when it comes to their recordings, and with the 683 S2 you will hear even the smallest nuances in their recordings that many other loudspeakers will simply gloss over. The bouncy bass line that prevails throughout the tune, is reproduced very well here and will have your toe tapping!

The new 683S2 delivers a very satisfying and engaging musical presentation. Regardless on whatever your musical tastes, the 683 S2 will transport you to audio nirvana!If you are putting together your next Home Theater system, or simply looking for that killer pair of loudspeakers for your dream stereo system, the new Bowers and Wilkins 683 S2 loudspeakers need to be auditioned. Stop in today to The Stereo Shop and check out the new 683 S2.

Specifications for B&W 683 S2
Dimensions Height, 38.8in, X Width, 7.5in, X
Depth 14.3in
Freq range 30Hz-50kHz -6dB
Sensitivity 89dB spl (2.83v, 1m)
Drive Units 1 Aluminium dome high frequency, 1 inch
1 woven kevlar cone FTS midrange, 6 inch
2 Aluminum cone bass, 6.5 inch
Amplifier Power
25Watt -200Watt of unclipped program
Net Weight 59.7lbs
Finishes Satin Black
  $1,649.00 pr

bowers and wilkins 683 s2 Bowers & Wilkins 684 Series 2

Slimmer than ever, the 684 offers an amazing combination of serious floorstander, spectacular audio performance thanks to its new and improved bass/midrange drivers and the Decoupled Double Dome tweeter. Switching to 5-inch drivers from the previous 6.5-inch designs means the new 684 is significantly slimmer than its predecessor, yet Bowers & Wilkins engineers have still improved its audio performance.

The new improved Series 2 of the 684 loudspeakers offer serious technology and performance for a speaker of this caliber. At first glance, we noticed that the cabinet is slimmer than the speaker that it replaces. By using a slimmer cabinet, the imaging and dispersion of the music greatly improves. These loudspeakers deliver room-filling sound without a room-filling sized cabinet.

Introducing the new 684 Series 2!
To complement the slimmer cabinet; Bowers and Wilkins have designed a new five-inch woofer for the 684 S2. These new woofers feature a smaller voice coil for increased sensitivity for a more open, and lifelike sound. The woofers have also been even further improved with anti-resonance plugs from their follow brethren, the PM-1 Monitors, to improve the behavior of its voice coils and smooth out the response of the music. Listen for an overall more natural sound without any boomy bass to get in the way of your enjoyment of your favorite recordings.

b&w tweeterThe tweeter has been also redesigned, again using the technology found on their CM-10 loudspeakers. The tweeter is a “Decoupled-Dome” meaning that they are kept separate in its own cavity with a ring of gel cushioning it from vibrations. This also improves the imaging and allows for a larger soundstage that extends from far beyond the loudspeaker itself. You will enjoy a more lifelike soundstage without resorting to a much larger floorstanding loudspeaker!

Like all of the 600 Series 2 loudspeakers, the 684 Series 2 represent a tremendous value for the beautiful music that they create with your favorite recordings. Stop by The Stereo Shop today and check out all the new 600 Series.

Specifications for B&W 684 S2
Dimensions Height, 36.2in, X Width, 6.3in, X Depth 9.2in
Freq range 45Hz-50kHz -6dB
Sensitivity 87dB spl (2.83v, 1m)
Drive Units 1 Aluminium dome high frequency, 1 inch
2 woven kevlar cone bass/mid, 5 inch
Amplifier Power
25Watt -150Watt of unclipped program
Net Weight 31.2lbs
Finishes Satin Black
  $1,149.00 pr

bowers and wilkins 683 s2 Bowers & Wilkins 685 Series 2

On a stand, wall or bookshelf, the versatile 685 S2 is ideal for stereo and home theatre uses in most rooms. And performance is enhanced with the addition of a Decoupled Double Dome tweeter. The two-way 685 S2 features a full-range 6.5-inch driver constructed from woven Kevlar and using Anti-Resonance Plug dustcaps, as seen in high-endBowers & Wilkins speakers. The result is stunning audio quality from a highly versatile smaller speaker.

These wonderful bookshelf loudspeakers are equally at home on either a stand or bookshelf. They will provide an open, room filling sound that will have you believing that is a much larger speaker playing! They deliver a very satisfying and natural sound all wrapped up in a modest sized cabinet that will compliment virtually any decor.

Introducing the new 685 Series 2!

Part of what makes that room filling sound happen, is the iconic time-proven Kevlar woofers that are featured with these loudspeakers, Bowers and Wilkins was the first manufacture to employ Kevlar for their woofer cones, and have discovered that it is an outstanding material for reproducing natural and beautiful music. One listen to these loudspeakers is all it takes to be convinced you are listening to something very special. However they didn’t just stop there; the tweeter is a new design derived from the new CM-10 loudspeakers. The sound from this tweeter is silky smooth without a hint of harshness or overhang. This all allows for the even the smallest details found in your favorite music to come shining thru effortlessly.

The new 685 S2 are a remarkable set of loudspeakers, and a tremendous value all at a down-to-earth price that allows everyone to enjoy beautiful music. Take the time to stop in The Stereo Shop today to listen to these new loudspeakers, but also check out the entire line of amazing Bowers and Wilkins loudspeaker offerings.

Specifications for B&W 685 S2
Dimensions Height, 13.5in, X Width, 7.5in, X Depth 12.8in
Freq range 45Hz-50kHz -6dB
Sensitivity 87dB spl (2.83v, 1m)
Drive Units 1 Aluminium dome high frequency, 1 inch
1 woven kevlar cone, 6.5 inch
Amplifier Power
25Watt -100Watt of unclipped program
Net Weight 14.9lbs
Finishes Satin Black
  $749.00 pr

bowers and wilkins 683 s2 Bowers & Wilkins 686 Series 2

An ideal bookshelf or wall-mounted speaker, the 686 S2 is designed to fit into any space and still sound perfect. Its main driver is a 5-inch bass/midrange unit and also features a Decoupled Double Dome aluminium tweeter for superior high-frequency response. The 686 S2 even features a built-in bracket for easy wall mounting

The Bowers and Wilkins 686 Series 2 is a very attractive bookshelf loudspeaker that stands in at only twelve inches in height, and six inches in width, and makes for an excellent choice for anyone that is looking for a great sounding pair of speakers. They easily fit on a bookshelf, or even can be mounted on a wall with the bracket that comes with the 686.

Introducing the new 686 Series 2!

The 686 S2 may be small, but don’t let its size fool you into thinking small sounding, the five-inch Kevlar woofer in this speaker delivers a rich, full bass response and will have you believing that a much larger sized speaker is playing. The bass response is tight and punchy; it really impressed us on well it sounded. Not to be outdone, even the tweeter in the 686S2 has also been elevated to a higher level of quality with new “Double-Bracing” diaphragm technology which is found in their fellow brethren, the new Bowers and Wilkins CM Series 2. This amazing tweeter design allows for much greater detail without sounding harsh or bright like many other loudspeakers will offer you.

b&w 686 speaker mountsListening to music with the 686S2 is a joy; it just flows through effortlessly, the midrange is clean and very open sounding, and with a satisfying bottom end response.

The 686S2 is an excellent choice for anyone desiring a small speaker that doesn’t sound like a small speaker. They can be used for either a nice compact two-channel stereo system, or for a high-quality set of rear surround speakers for your Home Theater. The 686S2 and many other new 600 Series 2 speakers are now on display at The Stereo Shop. Come on down and take the time to listen and be amazed with all the new offerings from Bowers and Wilkins!

Specifications for B&W 686 S2
Dimensions Height, 12.4in, X Width, 6.3in, X Depth 9in
Freq range 54Hz-50kHz -6dB
Sensitivity 85dB spl (2.83v, 1m)
Drive Units 1 Aluminium dome high frequency, 1 inch
1 woven kevlar cone bass/mid, 5 inch
Amplifier Power
25Watt -100Watt of unclipped program
Net Weight 10.1lbs
Finishes Satin Black
  $549.00 pr