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Rotel's story began nearly fifty years ago yet their ownership and mission have never changed. Rotel is an independent high performance audio/video company with an unwavering ambition to deliver exceptional value. As with the first product they made, Rotel's components are skillfully manufactured in their own factory, thus insuring consistent quality, the belief that the whole should be greater than the sum of its parts. Over the decades, they have received hundreds of rave reviews and awards from publications around the world. Most importantly, they have satisfied hundreds of thousands of people who take their entertainment seriously!

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Most people's home theater is also their primary music system. Building components that can handle today's complex signal handling requirements and provide optimal fidelity on both music and cinema sources are not easy. High definition video and high resolution audio must not be compromised. The robust dynamics and surround sound environment required with movie soundtracks needs to be matched by the tonal neutrality and harmonic refinement expected of fine music playback. Rotel's audio/video receivers and preamp-processor are first and foremost high-end music reproducers endowed with powerful "real world" amplification and sophisticated digital processing. They are capable of putting you in the center of the cinematic action as well as revealing the nuances of your favorite recordings. Another nice function is that all Rotel home theater models have multi-zone capabilities, so that you can enjoy music all around your home while keeping your system in one central location!

Rotel RSX-1562 Home Theater Receiver
Rotel RC-1575 Pre-Amplifier

The Rotel RSX-1562 is their best Home Theater receiver featuring 100 Watts of power for each of its seven channels using an audiophile quality Class D amplifier design. This Class D amplifier's design operates at a much lower temperature; extending the amplifiers life due to not overheating compared to other receivers. Also this amplifier can deliver 200 Watts at 4 ohms for amazing sound quality on either movies or music! There are four HDMI input connections and the latest Dolby and DTS surround modes for exciting life-like sound on Blu-Ray DVD movies! And with up to four zones, this receiver can also be the center for a whole house music system as well! Flexibility, fantastic build and sound quality is what you come to expect from Rotel who has been manufacturing exceptional products for nearly 50 years!

Specifications for
Rotel RSX-1562 Surround Receiver
Output Power 100 Watts x 7 Channels (20Hz-20kHz)
All channels driven
THD 0.03%
Zones Outputs 4
Dimensions Height, 7.4in, X Width, 17.2in, X Depth 16.6in
Weight 38.0lbs