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McIntosh instruments have always been designed for long life, with low maintenance costs and highest-quality performance. McIntosh instruments have always been, and are, the laboratory standard for the world. It's no wonder that since 1949, satisfied customers the world over view their McIntosh products as investments worthy of being passed down through generations.

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McIntosh Loudspeakers
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Designing a great loudspeaker is as much a subjective art as an engineering exercise. The acoustic balance of a speaker, even while taking full advantage of computer-aided design assistance, must, in the end, be fine-tuned by experienced ears.

Since 1970, the McIntosh Acoustic Engineering team has been dedicated to creating high end audio speakers capable of reproducing a live musical event as accurately as possible. Combining sonic finesse with the power capability to take you to a live performance is the hallmark of McIntosh high end loudspeakers. They represent the final link in a chain of top-quality components designed to work together seamlessly. Our wide range of Hi Fi speakers and home theater audio speakers will excite your passion for great sound.

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McIntosh XRT 1k Loudspeaker

McIntosh Acoustic Engineers have further refined the concept of line source columnmcintosh xrt1k in the XRT1K Loudspeaker to provide superior sound reproduction in a full range system. It uses the same acoustic technology found in the famous XRT2K Column Loudspeakers. The technology has been refined over the years and is now the 6th generation of the design and provides superior quality sound reproduction in a full range system.

The High Frequency Section utilizes a patented Column Design with multiple mcintosh tweeterthree-quarter inch Titanium Dome Tweeters and two inch Midrange Inverted Titanium Dome Drivers. Since the audio power fed to a column is distributed among all the drivers, each driver does not have to work as hard, resulting in greater power handling capability and a dramatic reduction in distortion. The Sound Waves from the Column produce a Cylindrical Wave Front with a stable symmetrical horizontal sound dispersion to minimize undesirable floor and ceiling reflections that could detract from a stable sound image. In the illustration the Loudspeaker on the left side produces a Cylindrical Wave Front and the Loudspeaker on the right side produces a conventional Spherical Wave Front.

The Low Frequency Section of the System consists of two 10 inch Woofers. They have a large magnet assembly and long cone excursions with very low levels of harmonic distortion and frequency response down to 16Hz. The Woofer also incorporates McIntosh's Patented LD/HP2 Magnetic Circuit Design. Finite Element Analysis and mcintosh woofertesting resulted in a design concept which utilizes a pair of aluminum shorting sleeves in the magnetic circuit. The sleeves virtually eliminate the negative influence of the fluctuating voice coil field on the permanent magnet field. This results in lower distortion due to more linear magnetic flux in the voice coil gap. Additional benefits are less volume compression due to improved heat transfer through the sleeves and a cooler operating voice coil. Both measurements, as well as critical listening, reveal ten times less distortion than previous designs. A good example of this low distortion is incredible smoothness and clarity in the reproduction of the human voice. Both measurements, as well as critical listening, reveal ten times less distortion than previous designs.

Specifications for
McIntosh XRT-1K Loudspeaker
Dimensions Height, 79.5in, X Width, 14.5in, X Depth, 15.9in
Freq range 20Hz-45kHz
Sensitivity 92dB spl (2.83v, 1m)
Drive Units 28-3/4 inch Titanium Dome Tweeters
44-2 inch Titanium Dome Midranges
2-10 inch LD/HP Woofers
Amplifier Power
1200 Watts of unclipped program
Net Weight 170lbs
Finishes High Black Gloss

McIntosh XR-50
mcintosh xr-50

The new amazing McIntosh XR-50 loudspeakers will simply make you forget everything that you ever heard or even thought about bookshelf loudspeakers!

When we first connected these small bookshelf beauties in our listening room, we were not prepared with what would be happening next. From the very first notes from Steely Dan's "Cousin Dupree", the first thing that made our jaw drop, and had our heads shaking in disbelief, was the deep, powerful bass response that these loudspeakers were delivering. It was extremely tight, deep, and very well extended; one of our customers walked in and thought we were playing the floorstanding loudspeakers that were standing alongside them!

The stereo imaging is exceptionally wide, it filled the room with a very open and inviting sound that seemed to follow us anywhere that we were in the room, and it did not matter if we were standing or sitting, or walking around the listening area. This is a great loudspeaker that "disappears" into your room, and basically makes you forget that you are listening to a small bookshelf. What delivers the "magic" is McIntosh's patented array of midrange /tweeters, and a "super" tweeter that provides a very wide dispersion and a very natural sound that that will make you feel that you listening to your treasured recordings all over again!

The McIntosh XR-50 loudspeakers are designed to handle a great deal of power; they are rated for 300 watts RMS of continuous clean amplifier output. So either a McIntosh MA-6600 Integrated Amplifier or McIntosh's new MC-302 power amplifier would be perfect choices to go with these loudspeakers. The beautiful and very elegantly designed cabinets on the XR-50's are available in three different finishes including High-Gloss Black, Red Walnut, and Maple to complement virtually any decor.

McIntosh has yet again re-written the rules about loudspeaker design, and with the new XR-50's, they will have you rethinking why you would have to buy a much larger floorstanding loudspeaker or a smaller loudspeaker with a powered subwoofer. They are currently on display here at The Stereo Shop; stop by soon and bring in some of your favorite CD's with you and be prepared to be amazed!

Specifications for
McIntosh XR-50 Loudspeaker
Dimensions Height, 17.0in, X Width, 8.0in, X Depth, 11.75in
Freq range 40Hz-45kHz
Sensitivity 81dB spl (2.83v, 1m)
Drive Units 1-3/4 inch Titanium Dome Tweeters
2-2 inch Titanium Dome Midranges
1-6 inch Cast Frame LD/HP Woofers
Amplifier Power
300 Watts of unclipped program
Net Weight 19.5lbs
Finishes High Black Gloss, Red Walnut, Pear Maple

McIntosh XR-100
mcintosh xr100

The new McIntosh XR-100 is a gorgeous, slender floor standing loudspeaker that delivers a sound that will astound you with its open sound, life-like presentation and dynamics.

The cabinets on the XR-100 are beautifully finished with premium real wood gloss finishes, such as, Red Walnut, Pear Maple, and Piano High-Gloss Black. The contemporary appearance will enhance the decor of virtually any living area, without taking up a great deal of space in your listening room. And with the new magnetic grills, they will look as beautiful when you remove them!

The McIntosh XR-100 are a four-way loudspeaker that incorporates some of the finest materials, such as, titanium for both the midrange and tweeter drivers for a powerful and detailed soundstage that well extends well beyond the cabinets. The XR-100 feature 11 upper-frequency drivers in a unique layout with a solid alloy machined front baffle to further enhance its imaging, as well as, its appearance. One of the many things that we noticed was the spacious and wide sound that seems to follow you no matter where you walk in your listening area, not just one sweet spot that many other loudspeakers seem to offer.
There are four patented LD-HP (Low Distortion-High Performance) six inch poly-cone woofers deliver both a fast and articulate bass response that will leave you breathless with its definition and extension that are normally found in with larger woofer designs. The McIntosh XR-100's are rated to handle up to 600 watts RMS of power, so a 450 Watt McIntosh MC-452, or the new MC-601 600 watt Mono-Block power amplifiers would make for perfect choices to match up with these remarkable speakers!

Unique front panel McIntosh logo may be illuminated when configured with a McIntosh system. Spikes and furniture glide feet are included.

The new McIntosh XR-100 loudspeakers are on display now with a complete set of McIntosh audio components here at The Stereo Shop. Stop in soon and bring a few of your favorite recordings and prepare to be amazed!

Specifications for
McIntosh XR-100 Loudspeaker
Dimensions Height, 51.0in, X Width, 8.0in, X Depth, 17.0in
Freq range 30Hz-45kHz
Sensitivity 87dB spl (2.83v, 1m)
Drive Units 1-3/4 inch Titanium Dome Tweeters
2-2 inch Titanium Dome Tweeters
8-2 inch Titanium Dome Midranges
4-6 inch Cast Frame LD/HP Woofers
Amplifier Power
600 Watts of unclipped program
Net Weight 68.5lbs
Finishes High Black Gloss, Red Walnut, Pear Maple

McIntosh XR-200
mcintosh xr-200

The folks at McIntosh Laboratories have raised the bar again with the McIntosh XR-200! A new marvelous floor standing loudspeaker that will have all the competition running back to their drawing boards!

Standing in at 51 inches tall, the McIntosh XR-200 are a sight to behold, finished in a stunning Piano Black High Gloss, its cabinet oozes a sense of class with its outstanding fit and finish that only the craftspeople at McIntosh could provide. But its beauty is not just skin deep; behind the grill are some outstanding and serious engineering. Let's take a look what's happening here!

The McIntosh XR-200 is a sophisticated, and well-designed three-way loudspeaker system, that combines the outstanding imaging characteristics of a point source speaker design, with the seemingly limitless dynamics normally associated with a line source loudspeaker.
An ultra-sophisticated 19 element midrange/tweeter array, (a propriety McIntosh design with decades of multiple driver experience), offers extraordinary clarity, precise localization, and depth. When we first played Alison Kraus "New Favorite", it sent shivers down our spine, it sounded like she was right there playing just for us!
The three eight inch woofer drivers utilize their LD/HP (Low-Distortion-High Performance) patented design with a massive 12 pound magnet structure delivers an incredibly fast, deep, and articulate bass response with bone crushing SPL's that will have you thinking that you have a subwoofer connected to the loudspeakers!

Dream speakers for a two channel audio system, or assembling a state of the art Home Theater, the McIntosh XR-200 Loudspeakers will give any true lover of music an opportunity to experience a pure, rich sound that faithfully mirrors every nuance and subtlety of your favorite recordings! Come on in to the Stereo Shop and listen for yourself, you'll be glad that you did!

Specifications for
McIntosh XR-200 Loudspeaker
Dimensions Height, 51.8in, X Width, 11.0in, X Depth, 11.5in
Freq range 20Hz-45kHz
Sensitivity 86dB spl (2.83v, 1m)
Drive Units 7-3/4 inch Titanium Dome Tweeters
12 Titanium Dome Midranges 2 inch
3 Long Throw LD/HP Woofers 8 inch
Power Handling 600 Watts of power into unclipped program.
Net Weight 113lbs

McIntosh LCR-80
mcintosh lcr50

The McIntosh LCR-80 loudspeaker is designed to be utilized in some of the finest Home Theater installations, for the demanding enthusiasts that deserve nothing but the best in clarity and realistic sound reproduction. With a power rating of 300 Watts RMS; the LCR-80 was intended to be complimented with the McIntosh XR-50 Bookshelf or the new XR-100 Floor-Standing Loudspeaker to help you bring you closer to a live musical event in your home, while taking less of your valuable space.

The McIntosh LCR-80 center channel loudspeaker is available in variety of attractive high-gloss finishes including, Red Walnut, Pear Maple, and Black, and the fine cabinetry that the LCR-80 offers, will make for a welcome addition with even the most elegantly furnished homes. With its compact dimensions, the McIntosh LCR-80 permits you to place your center channel loudspeaker just about anywhere, and with the supplied wall mounting hardware allows you to rotate up to 30 degrees for custom mounting installations.

The McIntosh LCR-80 is a three-way center-channel loudspeaker consisting two, six-inch woofers featuring their patented LD/HP, (Low-Distortion, High Performance) technology, and two, two inch Titanium Dome Midranges, and one ¾ inch Tweeter in a D’Appolito array to provide an extremely wide sound-stage, and clarity for a greater listening experience from a variety of seating positions.

Specifications for
McIntosh LCR-80 Loudspeaker
Dimensions Height, 8.0in, X Width, 24.0in, X Depth, 8.4in
Freq range 80Hz-45kHz
Sensitivity 81dB spl (2.83v, 1m)
Drive Units 1-3/4 inch Titanium Dome Tweeters
2 2 inch Titanium Dome Midranges
2 6 inch LD/HP Woofers
Power Handling 300 Watts of power into unclipped program.
Net Weight 24lbs

McIntosh XCS-200
mcintosh xcs200

Designed for use in very high quality home theater installations, the McIntosh XCS200 Center Channel Loudspeaker delivers extraordinary sound quality, enormous acoustic output and 600 Watt power-handling. With a frequency response of 80 Hz to 45 kHz the XCS200 produces a true-to-life image that is the perfect complement to fine loudspeakers such as the McIntosh XR200. Not limited for use as a center channel, the XCS200 also excels as a left, right, or surround loudspeaker. The XCS200 features a custom extruded aluminum enclosure for long-lasting durability. The concave side panels of this enclosure resist standing waves for smooth low frequency response while contributing to the sophisticated appearance of the loudspeaker. A high-glass piano black finish front baffle insures that the XCS200 will complement any decor.

Specifications for
McIntosh XCS-200 Loudspeaker
Dimensions Height, 51.8in, X Width, 11.0in, X Depth, 11.5in
Freq range 20Hz-45kHz
Sensitivity 86dB spl (2.83v, 1m)
Drive Units 7 Aluminum Dome Tweeters, 1 inch
12 Dome Midranges 2 inch
3 LD/HP Woofers 8 inch
Power Handling 600 Watts of power into unclipped program.
Net Weight 61lbs