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Exceptional sound quality, superior reliability and easy to use features are the hallmarks of the Yamaha home theater experience. With each Yamaha AV receiver, you'll enjoy extraordinary audio quality and advanced video features that allow these products to become the centerpiece of your home entertainment system. Offering flexible configurations, automatic system calibration, advanced video capabilities and now satellite radio plus iPod capabilities Yamaha receivers ensure that you'll enjoy the complete home theater experience.

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Yamaha Stereo receivers are well known for delivering outstanding power, extended frequency response, versatility, and exceptionally high-quality audio resolution. Whether you seek the perfect home audio amplifier, radio or the possibilities of satellite broadcast, these receivers can become the centerpiece of your home entertainment system.

Yamaha R-S700 Stereo Receiver
yamaha rs700

The new Yamaha RS-700 stereo receiver offers an exciting and dynamic sound that will allow the most subtle details of your music to be released! It includes many exciting features, including an i-pod dock input, which until recently, and has not been incorporated onto stereo receivers. Rated at 100 watts per channel of ultra clean power, this receiver features Yamaha's patented ToPART amplifier technology to easily drive the most demanding, power hungry, large floor standing loudspeakers. Until now, this level of performance could only be achieved by purchasing separate components!

The Yamaha RS-700 has been cosmetically updated and redesigned, inspired by their new "Hi-Fi" separate component line with an aluminum faceplate which give this receiver a stylish appearance and elegant feel while operating, while keeping the front panel free from unnecessary buttons and control switches. Cosmetically matched to Yamaha's single CD players for for truly exceptional music reproduction performance. The aluminum front panel also helps with keeping harmful vibrations and resonance from ever reaching critical and delicate circuitry which could hinder its performance. Unlike many other manufactures that instead use plastic for their front faceplates on their products. The RS-700 has seven input accommodations for even the most complex of audio systems, and even an phono input for your turntable. Yamaha has included an excellent AM/FM tuner that not only sounds great, but is easy to use, as well as, the option of having Sirius Satellite capability in the future. For even further flexibility, there is multi-zone capability which allows this receiver to be easily upgraded to play music throughout your home. When you use Yamaha's ipod dock, it not only allows you to operate your ipod with the receiver's remote, it also keeps your ipod's battery fully charged as well.

The Yamaha RS-700 is a great choice for anyone that really loves music, and makes for a receiver that you'll be proud to own and enjoy for many years to come!

Specifications for Yamaha R-S700
Output Power 100 Watts x 2, RMS Output (20hz-20kHz)
THD 0.04%
XM Ready Yes
Dimensions Height, 6.0in, X Width, 17.2in, X Depth 15.4in
Net Weight 24.7 lbs

Yamaha R-S500 Stereo Receiver
yamaha rs500

Are you in the process of assembling your first "Hi-Fi" Stereo system or replacing an existing receiver and finding high quality stereo receivers difficult or nearly impossible to find? Well, with the all-new Yamaha RS-500, your search has now come to an end! Rated at 75 watts per channel of power, this impressive receiver incorporates their ToP-ART amplifier design that's also can be found in their separate component amplifiers, for an engaging, and involving musical performance that will have you shaking your head in disbelief.

This elegantly designed receiver was inspired by Yamaha's new "Hi-Fi" separate component line of amplifiers that feature a simple and clean layout of the entire receiver's operating controls. Similar to their separate component amplifiers, the front panel is fabricated entirely from aluminum that not only enhance its performance by keeping vibrations and resonance from reaching critical component circuitry, but also gives this receiver an appearance and touch that makes you feel you are operating a substantially more expensive piece of equipment! The sound qualities of this AM/FM tuner section of this receiver will not let you down either, with intuitive button controls easily allow to preset your favorite radio stations. Yamaha has been known in the industry for sensitive and great sounding tuner sections for many years and this receiver continues in that tradition. There is even the ability to add Sirius Satellite radio to this receiver as well. This receiver offers plenty of connections to play all of your audio components and also a phono input to connect your turntable, so you can start playing your favorite records again. When you use Yamaha's ipod dock, it not only allows you to operate your ipod with the receiver's remote, it also keeps your ipod's battery fully charged as well. Great sound and beautiful cosmetics all in an easy and fun to operate package is what you get with the new Yamaha stereo receiver line!

Specifications for Yamaha R-S500
Output Power 75 Watts x 2 RMS Output (20Hz-20kHz)
THD 0.04%
XM Ready Yes
Dimensions Height, 6.0in, X Width, 17.2in, X Depth 15.3in
Net Weight 22.5lbs

Yamaha R-S300 Stereo Receiver
yamaha rs300

Many electronic companies have abandoned manufacturing affordable, high-quality stereo receivers to just designing "Home-Theater" or "Surround-Sound" receivers. If you were recently looking to add a stereo receiver in your home, or replacing a receiver that has given you many years of service, you found out quickly that there are few choices in really good stereo receivers. Until now, you had to settle for a "Home-Theater" receiver that had more bells and whistles, and with sound quality that was inferior to the receiver that you just replaced!

Now with Yamaha's new stereo receiver, the RS-300, you can now have an affordable, great sounding stereo receiver that's also very easy to operate as well. When you first look at the front panel of this beautiful unit, you'll notice the clean layout of all of the operating controls. The front panel's cosmetics were inspired by their "Hi-Fi" line of separate audio components, here you'll find no confusing buttons, nor any "bells and whistles", just what is needed to get the job done properly and just sit back and enjoy beautiful music! The amplifier's section with this receiver has been totally revamped; Yamaha has taken their proven ToP-ART amplifier technology that is normally found in their separate integrated amplifiers, and have provided you with a powerful and punchy 50 watt per channel amplifier that will impress you with a performance that will embarrass many companies separate audio components. And unlike many other receivers, you can play one pair or both pairs of speakers at the same time. The tuner is very easy to operate, and has a sensitive tuner section that allows you to easily pull in your favorite AM/FM stations. You can even add a Sirius tuner module to receive satellite radio as well. The ipod dock connection is unique; Yamaha uses an independent power supply that is separate from the amplifier. This prevents operating or charging current from flowing into the amplifier's ground, which could detract its sound quality. When you use Yamaha's ipod dock, it not only allows you to operate your ipod with the receiver's remote, it also keeps your ipod's battery fully charged as well. There are plenty of connections for all of your audio gear and even a phono input for your turntable.

The new Yamaha RS-300 stereo receiver, easy to operate, great sound, all in one affordable unit!

Specifications for Yamaha R-S300
Output Power 50 Watts x 2 RMS Output (20Hz-20kHz)
THD 0.04%
Dimensions Height, 6.0in, X Width, 17.2in, X Depth 15.3in
Net Weight 19.4lbs