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McIntosh instruments have always been designed for long life, with low maintenance costs and highest-quality performance. McIntosh instruments have always been, and are, the laboratory standard for the world. It's no wonder that since 1949, satisfied customers the world over view their McIntosh products as investments worthy of being passed down through generations.

McIntosh is the Best

McIntosh Dream System Lite

McIntosh takes particular care and attention to the performance, ergonomics and quality of our all our products. Nowhere is this more evident than in their Preamplifiers. McIntosh's Audio and Video Preamplifiers are exceptionally easy to use, even in a darkened home theater. Their feel and familiarity immediately invite you to explore your McIntosh System, significantly enhancing your ownership experience.

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McIntosh C 500 Pre-Amplifier

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The C500 Preamplifier with a Controller is one of the finest audio preamplifiers McIntosh has ever created. No design compromises were allowed in the quest for a preamplifier, both Solid State and Tube with absolute accuracy, total sonic purity and virtual elimination of distortion and audible noise. For those who have been searching for the
"Best in Preamplifiers", your wait is over.

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Dual Chassis with Dual Mono Design

The Dual Chassis design completely separates all power supply, microprocessor and control circuits from the pure audio circuits for total noise isolation. To further aid in channel isolation the circuitry for both channels is totally separate, physically isolated and shielded. The C-500 incorporates two identical power supplies one for each channel, to help assure total channel isolation.

Balanced and Unbalanced Inputs/Outputs

Four balanced high level inputs and three balanced main outputs are provided. Four high level unbalanced inputs, two unbalanced outputs as well as listen and record processor loops are included.

Moving Coil and Moving Magnet Phono Inputs

The C500 contains two different shielded precision Phono Preamplifier Circuits. One is designed for low output Moving Coil Phono Cartridges and has selectable resistance loading. The second Phono Preamplifier is for Moving Magnet Cartridges and has selectable capacitive loading. Both circuits use the latest designs to provide the lowest possible noise and distortion. The RIAA Correction Equalization Circuitry utilizies 0.5% tolerance resistors and 1% capacitors for an extremely flat frequency response.

Precision Tracking Variable Rate Volume Control

Volume levels are controlled by a Multi-Stage Precision Digitally Controlled Attenuator System with an Optical Encoder Rotary Control. This helps to assure a tracking accuracy between channels of 0.1dB, while providing 213 individual 0.5dB steps of change in the volume level and all of this with no noise as the volume level is changed.

Precision Parts All resistors are precision metal film type.

Low dielectric absorption film capacitors are used in all critical circuit locations.

Glass Front Panel with Fiber Optic Illumination

The famous McIntosh Illuminated Glass Front Panel ensures the pristine beauty of the C-500 will be retained for many years.The Illumination of the Front Panel is accomplished by the combination of custom designed Fiber Optic Light Diffusers and Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). This provides even Front Panel Illumination, together with the extra long life LEDs.

Specifications for
McIntosh C-500 Pre Amplifier
Dimensions Height, 6.0in, X Width, 17.5in, X Depth, 18.4in
Freq range 10Hz-20kHz (tube)
THD 0.05% from 20Hz-20kHz (Tube)
Input Versatility 4 Unbalanced High-Level Inputs
4 Balanced (XLR) Inputs
Vacuum Tube Moving Coil and Moving Magnet Phono Preamplifiers
S/N Ratio 93dB (Tube)
Net Weight 28.2lbs

McIntosh MC1.2KW Power Amplifiers

Now you can take advantage of traditional McIntosh standards of excellence in the MC1.2KW Power Amplifier. The 1,200 watt high current output will drive any high quality loudspeaker system to its ultimate performance. The MC1.2KW reproduction is sonically transparent and absolutely accurate.

mcintosh mc12kw
Full Balanced Quad-Differential Circuitry

The MC1.2KW is fully balanced from input to output. It consists of two matched power amplifiers operating in push-pull with their outputs combined in a McIntosh Autoformer. The double balanced configuration cancels virtually all distortion.

Power Guard

The patented McIntosh Power Guard circuit prevents the amplifier from being over driven into clipping, with its harsh distorted sound that can also damage your valuable loudspeakers.

Special Power Supply

A regulated Power Supply, a very large Toroidal Wound Power Transformer and very large capacitors ensures stable noise free operation even though the power line varies.

Illuminated Power Meter

The Illuminated Power Output Watt Meter on the MC1.2KW is peak responding, and indicates the true power output of the amplifier. The Peak Watt Hold Mode allows the meter to temporarily stay at the highest power output and then slowly decay. The Front Panel Meter Illumination may be switched Off at any time.

Glass Front Panel and Super Mirror Chassis Finish

The famous McIntosh Illuminated Glass Front Panel and the Stainless Steel Chassis with Super Mirror Finish ensures the pristine beauty of the MC1.2KW will be retained for many years.

Specifications for
McIntosh MC-1.2KW Power Amplifier
Dimensions Height, 12.6in, X Width, 17.8in, X Depth, 22in
Amplifier Power 1200 Watts-Mono-Continuous average power output from 20Hz to 20Khz
Frequency Response 10Hz to 100kHz
THD Maximum Total Harmonic Distortion at any power level from 250 milliwatts to rated power is 0.005%
S/N Ratio 124dB below rated output
Net Weight 147lbs
Power Guard Clipping is prevented.

McIntosh XRT 1k Loudspeaker

McIntosh Acoustic Engineers have further refined the concept of line source columnmcintosh xrt1k in the XRT1K Loudspeaker to provide superior sound reproduction in a full range system. It uses the same acoustic technology found in the famous XRT2K Column Loudspeakers. The technology has been refined over the years and is now the 6th generation of the design and provides superior quality sound reproduction in a full range system.

The High Frequency Section utilizes a patented Column Design with multiple three-quarter inch Titanium Dome Tweeters and two inch Midrange Inverted Titanium Dome Drivers. Since the audio power fed to a column is distributed among all the drivers, each driver does not have to work as hard, resulting in greater power handling capability and a dramatic reduction in distortion.

The Sound Waves from the Column produce a Cylindrical Wave Front with a stable symmetrical horizontal sound dispersion to minimize undesirable floor and ceiling reflections that could detract from a stable sound image. In the illustration the Loudspeaker on the left side produces a Cylindrical Wave Front and the Loudspeaker on the right side produces a conventional Spherical Wave Front.

The Low Frequency Section of the System consists of two 10 inch Woofers. They have a large magnet assembly and long cone excursions with very low levels of harmonic distortion and frequency response down to 16Hz.

The Woofer also incorporates McIntosh's Patented LD/HP2 Magnetic Circuit Design. Finite Element Analysis and testing resulted in a design concept which utilizes a pair of aluminum shorting sleeves in the magnetic circuit. The sleeves virtually eliminate the negative influence of the fluctuating voice coil field on the permanent magnet field. This results in lower distortion due to more linear magnetic flux in the voice coil gap. Additional benefits are less volume compression due to improved heat transfer through the sleeves and a cooler operating voice coil. Both measurements, as well as critical listening, reveal ten times less distortion than previous designs.

A good example of this low distortion is incredible smoothness and clarity in the reproduction of the human voice. Both measurements, as well as critical listening, reveal ten times less distortion than previous designs. A good example of this low distortion is incredible smoothness and clarity in the reproduction of the human voice.

Specifications for
McIntosh XRT-1K Loudspeaker
Dimensions Height, 79in, X Width, 11.0in, X Depth, 25.5in
Freq range 20Hz-45kHz
Sensitivity 88dB (2.83V/1m)
Drive Units 28 Black Titanium Dome Tweeters .75 inch
44 Black Titanium Dome Midranges 2 inch
2 LD/HP Woofers 10 inch
Power Handling 1200 Watts of power into unclipped program.
Net Weight 170lbs

What was true in 1949 remains true today; customers trust McIntosh to combine extraordinary engineering and performance with heirloom-quality construction in every product.