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In 1883, the Thorens family business was first registered Switzerland by Hermann Thorens. An initial producer of musical boxes and clock movements, they started producing Edison-type phonographs in 1903. In 1928, they produced their first electric (motor-drive) record player, and went on to produce a range of audiophile record players in the 1950s and 1960s which are, even today, regarded as high-end audio equipment, and are much sought-after. As of 2006, Thorens continues to produce well-regarded turntables for playback of vinyl and 78rpm gramophone records.

Thorens TD-240-2

Thorens Turntable TD-240The Thorens TD-240-2 features a beautiful wood plinth that harkens back to the glory days when turntables were the main source for enjoying music. We have been getting many requests from our customers for a FULLY automatic turntable for quite some time, and we have discovered what Thorens is now offering, the answer has now arrived! The TD-240-2 is a belt-driven turntable for maximum performance, by keeping any vibration from the drive motor at bay, and features all three speeds of operation, including 78 RPM The fit and finish is superb throughout its construction; and when you operate this turntable, you know that you are using a quality piece of audio equipment

The tonearm on this table features a low-mass tonearm with high-quality, low-Thorens TD-240 Armfriction bearings technology that rests in ball races by means of hardened and polished steel needles. The same technology can also be found in navigation instruments (gyro) employed in aerospace. to improve trackablity, and reduce record ware to keep your recording sounding their best. The tone arm is ulta low mass and that combined with a low mass phono cartridge such as a Ortofon with do great job with records tracking worped records. We also found that the arm lifter has a nicely dampened cue for manually playing your selections on your records and lifts and lowers nice and gently without any possibly of damaging either your records or stylus.

The Thorens TD-240-2 should be the first choice for anyone desiring a high-quality table to play back their treasured vinyl records, but is also looking for the convenience of Fully-Automatic operation. Stop by The Stereo Shop today for a demonstration!

Specifications for
Thorens TD-240-2 Turntable
Dimensions Height, 5.1in, X Width, 16.9in, X Depth, 14.4in
Speeds 33-1/3, 45, 78 rpm
Belt Drive Yes
Operation Fully Automatic
Finish Wood Finish, Piano Lacquer Black
Net Weight 18.7lbs

Thorens TD-309

Thorens TD-309 TurntableTurntables have certainly come a long way since they were introduced as the main source for playing back your prized recordings. This new Thorens TD-309 turntable is a prime example of what is now possible to extract virtually every last nuance of music.

When you first glance upon the Thorens TD-309 it doesn’t appear like a conventional turntable; that is simply because it is not! The plinth is finished in an eye-catching, vibrant high-gloss red, (high-gloss black and white are available as well), and is shaped in a non-traditional shape, similar to an arrow or triangle. The table is suspended with three spring loaded isolation feet which helps keep the record playing properly even when you walk around the room, or have the table placed close to a powered subwoofer. The reason that three feet are used instead of four is because Thorens has discovered that is more effective to utilize three points of isolation instead of four.

The platter is a thing of beauty as well; it is a very heavy, thick platter crafted from fused silica. By incorporating a heavier platter offers has many performance advantages, including, keeping the speed rotation smooth and accurate by creating a "flywheel" effect. Underneath the platter where the drive motor resides, you will notice something different on how the motor is attached to the tables’ plinth. The motor is supported in a cut-out in the main part of the plinth by a plastic "insert" that positions the motor off-center in the cut and then by another "spider" suspension, (similar to what is used in a speaker). This offers two benefits, first, you can apply tension to the belt by rotating the plastic insert to compensate as the belt starches over time with increased use, and the second benefit is that any motor vibration is isolated by the spider suspension. It’s a simple, but a very clever idea!

Thorens TP-92 Tone Arm

The tonearm is an entirely new design manufactured by Thorens themselves, and not simply a "borrowed" or "rebadged" unit that many other companies will simply outfit on their tables! The TP-92 tonearm has considerable amounts of thought and engineering incorporated into this wonderful arm. It is a low mass arm fabricated from rolled aluminum, with high quality, low friction gimbals to help extract every last detail from your records. The Thorens TD-309 turntable has been outfitted with a phono cartridge, or we can upgrade your record playing enjoyment to an even higher level by fitting an Ortofon 2M Series, or GRADO cartridge and have it custom calibrated by our trained service technician that has over 50 years of experience setting up turntables.

Thorens vast knowledge, with well over 100 years of manufacturing beautiful sounding, high-quality, turntables are shown here in all its glory. If you are in the market to add a nice table into your system, or if you are looking to upgrade your present turntable, you owe it to yourself to come down and see what the Thorens TD-309 is all about!

Specifications for
Thorens TD-309 Turntable
Dimensions Height, 4.9in, X Width, 18.5in, X Depth, 16.9in
Speeds 33-1/3, 45 rpm
Belt Drive Yes
Operation Manual
Finish Red, High-Gloss Black, White
Net Weight 14.3lbs

Thorens TD-350

Thorens TD-350 TurntableThe TD 350 revives the legendary Thorens tradition and concept of the suspended chassis. The construction of the TD 350 ingeniously combines the advantages of a mass platform with those of the suspended chassis. This tried and tested concept as well as traditional manufacturing quality make the TD 350 a record player that will satisfy even the most discerning demands. Experience the renaissance of an outstanding technology being employed again in combination with the latest engineering knowledge and high-tech materials.

The TD 350 is equipped with the proprietary Thorens IDD (Independent Double Damping) suspension system, which yields an independent dampening of horizontal and vertical oscillations. Together with the 4-kg-platter and low-friction bearing this results in incredible silent running and exceptional sonic stability. The integrated motor control circuitry takes care of highly precise rpm by means of electronic stabilization. Additional features, such as the precision-ground belt, a solid turned platter combined with a layer of bitumen, the absolutely silent AC synchronous motor and, last but not least, the fine TP 92 tonearm further enhance the outstanding sound quality of the TD 350.

Specifications for
Thorens TD-350 Turntable
Dimensions Height, 6.3in, X Width, 17.3in, X Depth, 13.6in
Speeds 33-1/3, 45 rpm
Belt Drive Yes
Operation Manual
Finish Ash Black, Ash Bordeau, Maple
Net Weight 22lbs
  $5,049.00 w/ TP-92 Tonearm
$7,195.00 w/ SME M-2 Tonearm