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How can B&W speakers be made to sound so transparent, so natural - in effect, to "disappear",leaving only the actual music to be enjoyed? B&W research and development foundthat certain cabinet designs, driver design and materials were essential to create transparent speakers. They engineered internal cabinet brace and sound flow configurations, coupled with driver materials like Kevlar and carbon Fiber, for unrivalled clarity.

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Designed to provide great sound wherever you need it, the weather-proof AM-1 is the most durable loudspeaker B&W has ever made! With the AM-1 you can add pleasing soundscape to your home's outdoor and transitional spaces. Experience the perfect sonic atmosphere and add extra kick in seasonal living to your deck, sunroom, or patio areas! Imagine enjoying your favorite relaxation music, or a soothing audio stream, or perhaps creative radio on a gorgeous late afternoon, while at the grillside, or even under romantic moonlight! The B&W AM-1 effortlessly extends the musical mood of the listening room to your home's seasonal living spaces!

Bowers & Wilkins AM-1

The new Bowers and Wilkins AM-1 weatherproof outdoor monitor loudspeakers deliver the performance and durability that we've come to expect from B&W, b&w AM-1and it brings the UK firm's signature sound to new areas of sound quality and aesthetics. Qualified installation of the B&W AM-1 provides an entirely new dimension of sound quality and visual appearance to your seasonal living areas.

The sleek contours and shaping of the B&W AM-1 will excite your senses and fade all preconceptions or past experiences with conventional outdoor speakers. These new units are so beautiful and elegant, they would be equally at home in your indoor living area! A choice of black or white finishes will compliment virtually any home's transitional or outdoor layouts.

B&W AM-1 Black

The sound of the B&W AM-1 is startling, with an articulate, exciting and powerful "presence", a sound devoid of the sonic compromises normally found in conventional outdoor loudspeakers, delivering high end performance we've come to expect from B&W's larger and far more expensive designs. B&W "steps out" and keeps right in tune with these unique new soundscape loudspeakers!

The B&W AM-1's two way design features a unique inverted layout, whereby the 1" aluminum dome tweeter is mounted below the 5" glass/fiber bass-midrange driver. B&W AM-1 Cut AwayThis design allows for a highly improved dispersion and throughput of mid to high frequencies when the speaker is mounted high upon a wall or under an eave. The sonic magic of the B&W AM-1 projects into outdoor spaces with greater saturation at lower volume levels as a result. Bass response of the B&W AM-1 is further extended by incorporation of a rear-mounted auxiliary bass radiator, code named "ABR". (remember this is a UK design, from the same culture that coined terms like QE2, MI5 and 007!) The ABR, unlike a conventional bass reflex port, provides an exceptional bass response for a cabinet of its size, and unlike a port, the ABR as a continuous airtight seal to protect against the elements, a design element developed in the UK that also makes perfect sense for New England.

Bowers and Wilkins have yet again set the standard with the B&W AM-1, a higher performing outdoor loudspeaker, with striking, dare say truly stylish design and superb sonic performance, qualities that will evoke ear to ear smiles, each and every time you enjoy music in your home's transitional and seasonal spaces. Fantastic sound taken outside!

Specifications for B&W AM-1
Dimensions Height, 12.25in, X Width, 7.0in, X Depth 8.25in
Freq range 46Hz-50kHz -6dB
Sensitivity 86dB spl (2.83v, 1m)
Drive Units 1 Aluminium dome high frequency, 1 inch
1 Glassfibre cone Bass/Midrange, 5 inch
Amplifier Power
20Watt -100Watt of unclipped program
Net Weight 8.8lbs
Finishes Black, White