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McIntosh instruments have always been designed for long life, with low maintenance costs and highest-quality performance. McIntosh instruments have always been, and are, the laboratory standard for the world. It's no wonder that since 1949, satisfied customers the world over view their McIntosh products as investments worthy of being passed down through generations.

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McIntosh takes particular care and attention to the performance, ergonomics and quality of our all our products. Nowhere is this more evident than in their Preamplifiers. McIntosh's Audio and Video Preamplifiers are exceptionally easy to use, even in a darkened home theater. Their feel and familiarity immediately invite you to explore your McIntosh System, significantly enhancing your ownership experience.

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McIntosh MR-88
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The McIntosh MR88 excels at receiving traditional AM and FM broadcasts and adds the power of HD RadioTM to produce startling fidelity with an expanded range of programming.

A smooth-acting, weighted tuning mechanism with an animated dial pointer a digital update of the dial-cord and fly-wheel tuning apparatus found in classic McIntosh tuners lends an old school analog feel to the MR-88 without sacrificing the precision and addressability of a modern, digital system. A triple-polished stainless steel chassis and illuminated glass frontpanel round out the trademark McIntosh cosmetics while virtually guaranteeing that the product appears "like new" for decades.

The new MR88 AM/FM Tuner from McIntosh boasts extraordinary sensitivity, and superb audio performance all in a very high quality stereo chassis fit for the world's finest audio systems.

Recent developments in circuit miniaturization and software-based tuner technology combine with legendary McIntosh audio engineering in the MR88 and it delivers what tuner aficionados crave most brute-force reception capability with remarkably low background noise. Simply stated, the MR88 serves up a wider range of great sounding radio programming.

A 2 x 20 Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) reads Artist, Title, Genre, Station, and may be set to time-out in between tunings. The MR-88 offers enhanced metering capabilities; the VFD may be configured to display Noise and Multipath (FM), as well as Signal Strength (AM) - Selectable Scan Sensitivity and 50 kHz/100 kHz tuning complete the MR-88 feature-set.

Specifications for
McIntosh MR-88 AM/FM/Digital Tuner
Dimensions Height, 6.0in, X Width, 17.5in, X Depth, 18in
Freq range (HD) 20Hz-20kHz
S/N Ratio 85dB (HD Radio)
Drive Units AM/FM/XM/HD Radio
Presets 60 (20 per band)
Stereo Separation 80dB (HD)
Net Weight 25.5lbs